90% of Vulnerabilities Are In the Apps, 80% of All Spending Is On The Network!

Most Companies Couldn't Tell You; Recent research shows that 54% of Businesses surveyed are NOT MONITORING the security of their networks.

It’s now more important than ever to focus on growing your business and less on trying to manage your information risk during this economy.

MyCSO Services offers your business customized, cost effective options for reducing the expenses associated with information risk management and regulatory compliance.

With MyCSO Services, your business will gain access to world class Information Risk Management specialists for a much lower cost than by hiring full time personnel and purchasing the technology.

MyCSO Services lets you add just the right amount of expertise needed to help address and mitigate multiple threats across your enterprise and maintain due diligence.

  1. Cloud Based Solution

  2. Very Cost Effective

  3. Staffed 24x7x365 With U.S. Based Security Professionals

  4. Improves Security Visibility

  5. Reduces Operational Security Costs

  6. Improves Regulatory Compliance

  7. Strengthens Security Posture

  8. Increases Your Security Staff

Mike Fitzpatrick | (888) 448-5451

NCX Group

Mike Fitzpatrick | (888) 448-5451

NCX Group